About Us
About Us
 Nov 25 2019    01:25 AM
This site is about personal growth...

What do you get when you merge science, religion and philosophy and then connect them to everything in the universe? You get the universal truth about all things created.

We are stuck in our current path of thinking, which suggests that one is independent of the other, or that one tells the whole truth. As we are ever evolving, we are coming to see the current world systems for what they really are.
We also need to take the next step and start to realize that in order for us to know the entire truth of our existence, we need to be open to the idea that science, religion and philosophy all need each other.

This blog is about learning our truths and using them to help grow as humans and as individuals. Visit often to find advice, inspiration, and tools that lend towards your personal growth
Naturally Sacred was founded by Dr. Bradford Crymes & the late Ms. Elizabeth Mitchell as an outlet to be able to help people and be of service to our highest calling. 
Founder’s Notes 

Namaste friends...

Thanks for visiting sister (article & video) site to
naturallysacred.com. We are on our life's journey to help enlighten people and be an inspiration to those that we come across.

Sometimes our views may not seem to match each other's but we are not here to argue or force our beliefs on others. Everyone finds their own truths in their own way and at their own rate! NO one can force it OR do it for you...

The important thing though is to be tolerable and realize that although our paths may look different, they all lead to the same place.  
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